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Connection: Grooved
Size: 2" - 8"
Material: Steel
UL Certified:
FM Approval:

PURGEnVENT Model 7950 Automatic Inline Air Vent

AGF's PURGEnVENT Model 7950 Automatic Inline Air Vent (ILV) features a separation chamber engineered to remove air as the fire protection system is filled with water to help prevent corrosion. The separation chamber and air scoop force a separation of air from the water as the system fills. The air is then released by the Model 7900AAV included in the assembly. AGF recommends installing Model 7950ILV after the floor control assembly. The chamber can be turned 45 degrees for additional clearance, but the air vent must be kept upright.


AGF PURGEnVENT 7950 Air Vent

AGF PURGEnVENT 7950 Air Vent


  • Ideal when you can't access a high point in the system.
  • Creates an artificial high point to trap and vent air
  • Features 7900AAV that automatically and continuously vents air when a sprinkler system is operational


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