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Starting in 2016, NFPA 13 requires the addition of one air vent on each wet fire sprinkler system that utilizes metallic pipe to help mitigate internal pipe corrosion due to trapped air. Developed with input from sprinkler fitter contractors and fire protection engineers, the AGF patented PURGEnVENT are UL Listed and FM Approved while being the most compact option on the market. Additionally, PURGEnVENT does not require a drain line, drip pan, or redundant air vents to prevent leaks. AGF offers three automatic air vents, Models 7900AAV, 7930ECA, and 7950ILV and one manual 7910MAV.

Frequently Asked Questions

NFPA 13 (2016)
7.1.5 Air Venting
A single air vent with a connection conforming to 8.16.6 shall be provided on each wet pipe system utilizing metallic pipe.
8.16.6 Air Venting
The vent required by 7.1.5 shall be located near a high point in the system to allow air to be removed from that portion of the system by one of the following methods:
- Manual valve, minimum ½" (15mm) size
- Automatic air vent
- Other approved means

Air Venting Valves

AGF's PURGEnVENT air venting valves release trapped air from wet pipe fire sprinkler systems to help reduce corrosion. Air vents are now required by NFPA 13 (2016) in all wet fire sprinkler systems with metallic pipe. AGF offers a 1/2" manual air vent and a fully automatic air vent with flexible installation options.



Optional collection assemblies with audible or visual notification for moisture expelled by the air venting valve while releasing trapped air.