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7905 Validator

Material: Brass
Includes: Visual Indicator
Whistle Indicator
Inlet Adapter
Compressed Air
Travel Case
Compatible with: 7900AAV

PURGEnVENT Model 7905 Validator

The air venting valve test kit, the PURGEnVENT Validator is designed to test the 7900AAV automatic air vent. The kit includes a whistle or visual indicator, inlet adapter, and compressed air. To test the vent, close the isolation valve on the 7900AAV. Residual liquid can then be drained from the purge valve. The whistle or visual indicator can then be screwed on to the vent outlet. Connect the inlet adapter to the purge valve. Insert the straw included with the canned air and spray air into the vent. If the indicator does not whistle or show visually then an internal investigation of the barrel strainer should be performed.


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