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Connection: Grooved
Size: 2" - 8"
Material: Brass
UL Certified:
FM Approval:

PURGEnVENT Model 7930ECA End Cap Automatic Air Vent

AGF's PURGEnVENT Model 7930 Automatic Air Vent with End Cap Assembly (ECA) includes a 1" ball valve, strainer, air vent, and purge assembly. The patented, one-piece isolation valve continuously vents air from the system with no leaks, meaning no need for drain lines or drip pans. Plus, the strainer and purge valve with hose thread allows for the rapid purging of air from the pipes as the system is filling and the venting of excess air once the system is filled. Model 7930 ECA features an end cap for easy installation on to the end of branch lines with a coupling. AGF recommends installing this air vent near a high point in the system, at the end of branch lines, and on top of supply risers.


AGF PURGEnVENT 7930 Air Vent

AGF PURGEnVENT 7930 Air Vent


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