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8611 Ultimate RiserPACKs

Size: 2"
NFPA: 13 (Commercial)
Connection:: Groove x Groove
Includes AGF Steel RiserPACK: Model 8611
Options: Check Valve
Butterfly Control Valve
Butterfly Control Valve and Check Valve
With or Without Flexible Drain Line

Experience unparalleled versatility with the compact design of AGF's 8611 Ultimate Corner RiserPACK. This comprehensive solution incorporates essential NFPA 13 floor control elements, preassembled for swift installation while seamlessly fitting into tight corners to minimize protrusions.

The Ultimate Riser offers the flexibility of enhancing your 8611 RiserPACK with a butterfly control valve, check valve, or a combination of both, tailored to your specific requirements. Upon ordering, the Ultimate RiserPACK arrives fully assembled for your convenience in models ranging from 2” to 4”, while 6” and 8” variants are packaged in two pieces for easier handling during installation due to their weight.

All components within the Ultimate RiserPACK are UL Listed and FM Approved, ensuring compliance and reliability. Moreover, these components are field adjustable and rotatable to accommodate various operational needs and installation constraints, allowing for vertical or horizontal orientation with left or right flow configurations. They can be effortlessly replaced with readily available off-the-shelf parts and seamlessly retrofitted as necessary.

AGF extends the option of providing domestic butterfly valves and couplings upon request, further enhancing customization possibilities. The Ultimate Riser assemblies feature a robust steel manifold (available in sizes 2” to 8”), complemented by a choice of butterfly valve, check valve, or a combination thereof. Additionally, it includes a 4” Model 7500 pressure gauge, a 3-way universal gauge valve, TESTanDRAIN valve complete with an optional flexible drain line, a water flow alarm switch with retard function, and a Model 7000L pressure relief valve (rated at 175 PSI) with drain trim. Alternative PSI ratings of 200, 225, or 300 are also available.

The Model 7000L pressure relief valve boasts the convenience of temporary closure during hydrostatic testing, eliminating the need for removal from the system.

  • Schedule 10 steel (with Schedule 40 Cut Groove available upon request)
  • Rolled grooves for enhanced durability
  • Optional flexible stainless steel drain line:
  • 2" riser includes a 32" drain line with 1 union
  • 2.5" to 3" riser includes a 36" drain line with 1 coupling
  • 4", 6", and 8" risers include a 48" drain line with 2 couplings
  • TESTanDRAIN Model 2511: available in 2"-3" (Thread x Thread) and 4”-6” (Groove x Groove) configurations
  • Includes 7000L pressure relief valve with drain trim

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