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K-Factor: K 2.8
K 4.2
K 5.6
K 8.0
11.2 ELO
14.0 ESFR
Orifice Size: 3/8"
NFPA: 13 Commercial
Connection: Groove x Groove
Size: 2.5"
Material: Steel
Pressure Relief Valve: 7000L
Flow Switch:
Three Way Valve:
Pressure Gauge:
Hose Test Connection:
Pressure Reducing Valve:

RiserPACK Model 8511Z Commercial Riser with Hose Test Connection and Pressure Reducing Valve

The AGF RiserPACK Model 8511Z is a 2½” floor control assembly designed for NFPA 13 wet fire sprinkler systems. It features a hose test connection, TESTanDRAIN valve, flow switch, pressure gauge with a shutoff valve, and a Zurn ZW5004  Series Pressure Tru® Field Adjustable Pressure Reducing Floor Control Valve. The 8511Z manifold was designed specifically for floor control applications where a downstream drain outlet, capable of full flow is required for Pressure Reducing Valve acceptance testing and future inspection and testing requirements. The ZW5004 valve regulates pressure under both FLOW and NO-FLOW conditions and can be field adjusted with ease thanks to its low torque design. Adjustments only take 9 ft-lb of torque. The compact profile fits in tighter spaces, while the larger handwheel operates with no trouble. The ZW5004 Series delivers optimal flow performance, making it ideal for any application, retrofit or new.

Available in sizes 2.5" and orifice sizes K2.8 - K14, and a steel body with grooved connections.