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Connection: Threaded
Material: Galvanized or Black Steel
NFPA 25 Signage:
Visual Alert:
Audible Alert:
Remote Notification:
Heated Cabinet:
Hot Operation Trouble Monitor: Optional
Sheds Excess Condensation:
Dimensions: 28" x 15" x 9"
Weight: 59 lbs

COLLECTanDRAIN Model 5450 Self-Maintaining Auxiliary Drain

The COLLECTanDRAINĀ® Model 5450 Series of auxiliary drains feature a traditionally configured condensation collection assembly contained inside an insulated and heated cabinet. By incorporating a unique, self-maintaining design the Model 5450 offers more than just freeze protection. This feature prevents the auxiliary drain from filling beyond the safety level of the heated cabinet and automatically sheds condensation from the collection assembly when the level reaches approximately 80%. Any additional accumulation will flow into a drain trap that allows the excess to automatically drain from the system while maintaining the integrity of the dry valve. The easily mounted, lockable, steel cabinet is finished in a highly-visible, red, powder coat that includes appropriate identification signage and can be wired to the fire panel for remote notification. The Model 5450 is designed for installation in climates where freezing or below freezing temperatures are present and result in the failure of typical collectors. The Model 5450 maintains a comfortable temperature above freezing while minimizing power consumption. Available with galvanized or black steel and an optional Hot Operation Trouble (HOT) Monitor.

Model 5450A has galvanized piping and model 5450B includes black steel piping.

Model 5450H includes the hot operation trouble (HOT) monitor to send notification if there is a heater issue. The Hot Operation Trouble (HOT) monitor tracks the heater's on/off cycles and compares that information against its own internal thermostat to make sure the heater is performing correctly. For example, if the cabinet door is accidentally left open causing the heater to run continuously, the HOT monitor will trip the local audible and visual alarms and alert the fire control panel. It will also trigger a notification if it detects that the heater is not operating enough to keep the interior temperature safely above freezing.


COLLECTanDRAIN Heated Cabinets

COLLECTanDRAIN Heated Cabinets


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