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Connection: Mechanical Tee
Size: 2" - 8"
Material: Painted Steel
Galvanized Steel
Visual Alert:
Mechanical Tee:

CORRinSITE Model 7800 Mechanical Tee Corrosion Monitor

The CORRinSITE is a corrosion monitor manufactured from the same mild carbon steel as the system's piping, so its surface corrodes at the same rate as the pipe. When the monitor corrodes beyond its limit, moisture penetrates the sealed chamber and transforms the brilliant white sight glass to a fluorescent orange color indicating a corrosion problem and a need for further pipe inspection. The CORRinSITE Model 7800 mechanical tee corrosion monitor is suitable for retrofitting into existing fire protection systems and is available with a painted red or galvanized steel mechanical tee. AGF CORRinSITE corrosion monitors provide a simple to install, maintenance-free, and inexpensive method for hidden corrosion problems in any fire protection system. Before you spend thousands on a nitrogen system, monitor your pipes with CORRinSITE. Custom faceplates are available so customers know who to call when the monitor turns orange.


Corrosion Monitors by AGF

Corrosion Monitors by AGF


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