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Flood Eliminator

Compatible With: All Auxiliary Drains
Material: Brass
Connection: Female Thread Inlet x Male Thread Outlet (NPT)
Size: 1"
Part Number: 5900FE

Don't play chicken with your auxiliary drains. The Flood Eliminator (Model 5900FE) prevents catastrophic property damage due to a broken drum drip.

The Flood Eliminator is easily installed with threads above the auxiliary drain and seals if the system has an accidental system trip due to a broken auxiliary drain.

To limit the negative impact of a failed auxiliary drain, AGF created the Model 5900FE FLOOD ELIMINATOR. The Model 5900FE is designed to allow condensate water to collect normally in a standard drum drip but then, if presented with the flow that would result from a failed drum drip, automatically trip to cut off that flow, eliminating the flooding and damage that would result from the system’s failure.

The patented Model 5900FE is housed in a 3 ½” brass body with a 1” female NPT inlet and a 1” male NPT outlet, and it is designed to be installed above the top valve of a typical auxiliary drain assembly. If the drain below a Flood Eliminator fails, the dry valve will open, resulting in pressurized water entering the system flowing towards the break. When this high velocity pressurized flow reaches the internal mechanism of the Flood Eliminator, it will shut down the flow eliminating the damaging flooding that would result from a broken free flowing sprinkler line.     

The Model 5900FE can be easily retrofitted onto existing auxiliary drains and is designed to be installed upstream (above) the first valve of a traditional drum drip assembly in a vertical position. Therefore, it will be necessary to close the dry valve and remove the drum drip assembly for installation.  Since the 5900FE is only 3 ½” long it will likely not be necessary to shorten or remove any existing pipe.  Old thread sealant should be removed from any pipe thread and from the drum drip valve and appropriate new sealant should be applied to all connection points. The 5900FE needs to be installed vertically in the direction indicated on the body.

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AGF Flood Eliminator 5900FE

AGF Flood Eliminator 5900FE


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