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K-Factor: K 5.6
Orifice Size: 1/2"
Connection: Threaded
Size: 1" - 2"
Material: Bronze
Voltage: 24V
UL Certified:
FM Approval:

RemoteTEST Model 1200 Inspector's Test and Drain with Remote Operation

AGF's Model 1200 RemoteTEST saves time and money by allowing the fire sprinkler inspector's test to be performed from a single location through a local switch, auxiliary panel, addressable FAC panel, or a LAN system. The test can be performed on multiple floors or even multiple buildings in minutes.

RemoteTEST features a TESTanDRAIN valve with a solenoid and bypass drain loop that allows the inspector's test to be performed remotely by a single operator. It is the only product that enables an individual to perform the inspector's test function (as stipulated in both NFPA 13 and NFPA 25) on multiple systems from a central and remote location.

RemoteTEST is UL Certified and FM Approved and is considered an auxiliary testing device by NFPA and therefore wiring does not require a supervised circuit.

AGF can configure RemoteTEST to meet your system's installation needs. Options include RiserPACK pre-assembled floor control assemblies from 1" to 6" with water flow switch and pressure gauge.

Model 1200 is available in 1", 1.25", and 2" sizes and comes standard with a 5.6K test orifice. Other orifice sizes are available by special order: 2.8K, 4.2K, 8.0K, 11.2K (ELO), 14K (ESFR) and 25.2K. 


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